Known for his simplified teaching style and unique shortcuts, Professor Vinay Uppal is popular among IIT JEE aspirants through his Youtube Channel ‘Physics with Vinay Uppal’. He has been teaching Physics at various levels for over 13 years now, including teaching undergraduate courses during his time in USA. His style of teaching is a unique blend of deep conceptual clarity and exam-oriented shortcuts , which stems from his strong academics and training in research. He forayed into teaching online through his YouTube channel ‘Physics with Vinay Uppal’ in 2021, and his very first video on the source of JEE questions went viral. He has been launching courses online and also posting videos on various concepts and topics on his channel ever since.

Academic Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Technology, Engineering Physics from IIT Bombay
  • Masters in Physics from State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • All India Rank 535 in IIT JEE
  • 1 of 35 candidates selected from across India in the Indian National Physics Olympiad
  • 1 of 10 candidates selected from across India for a research project of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research ( TIFR)
  • 1 of 5 candidates selected from across the world for a research project of the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Canada


Target JEE 2025: Full Xi+Xii Syllabus- BATCH 2
TARGET JEE 2025: Class XI Syllabus - Batch 2
Target JEE 2025: Full Xi+Xii Syllabus-BATCH 1
TARGET JEE 2025: Class XI Syllabus-BATCH 1




JEE Advanced 2018


“Vinay Sir is the best Physics teacher I have ever seen. He has the ability to teach the hardest concepts in an easy to understand way. He has a very deep conceptual clarity, and he is also able to induce the same in his students. He not only teaches Physics concepts very well, but also teaches how to understand and approach any type of Physics problem in an effective way. He is very approachable and teaches in a friendly manner. Thank you Vinay Sir for showing how wonderful Physics can be.”


AIR 370

JEE Advanced 2020

“I am very grateful to Vinay Uppal Sir for teaching me Physics in such a wonderful way for my IIT-JEE exam as well as other Olympiads. By putting in lots of effort, he made me develop interest in physics by teaching this wonderful subject in a fun and interesting way. He taught the involved concepts in a clear way, which allowed me to gain confidence in the subject early on. With the help of his guidance and motivation, physics had become my strongest subject and I had clear concepts, a few months before my exams. Using his thorough knowledge in the subject of physics, he cleared my doubts and also, referred me to useful resources.

Thus, I would like to thank him for helping me achieve my dream of clearing JEE Advanced, and also KVPY, with his wonderful support and mentoring.”


AIR 333

JEE Advanced 2019

“During my coaching days, Vinay Sir taught me all of Mechanics and Optics. I can vouch for his crystal clear concepts and his ability to convey them to his students in a simple and seamless way. His method of teaching through problems really helped me tackle complex concepts. Vinay sir was my go-to guy for any doubts I encountered and problems I could not solve in physics. His grasp on the subject was evident from how he could solve the toughest and most complicated problems with ease. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from Vinay Sir and he definitely played a big part in my preparation for JEE.


AIR 265

JEE Advanced 2018

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